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The University of Missouri-Columbia Libraries deployed our Docutek ERes system to help meet the increasing demand for electronic course reserves. Due to a substantially large amount of items placed on e-reserve by faculty, the Libraries also use the DocuFax module, which enables any faculty member to fax their reserve materials directly into the system. Docutek ERes has won praise from both the faculty and the students. The following is an excerpt of a presentation on Docutek ERes given by June DeWeese, Head of Access Services, University of Missouri-Columbia Ellis Library at the Second Annual MOBIUS Conference, June 1, 2001.

Why Did We Choose ERes?

June DeWeese, University of Missouri-Columbia Ellis Library
Presented at the Second Annual MOBIUS Conference, June 1, 2001.

The reasons the University of Missouri-Columbia chose ERes includes advantages for both students and faculty.

Advantages for students include:
  • students can retrieve their course readings at their convenience regardless of their location or library hours,
  • an unlimited number of students can access the same files at the same time,
  • no overdue fines, no cost of photocopying,
  • distance learning students have access like their on-site peers--24/7.

Advantages for faculty include:
  • no photocopying,
  • no folders with pages that could be lost,
  • fax whenever they choose,
  • they are in control of what goes up and when it goes up,
  • can be spontaneous,
  • no complaints from students about things being checked out to other students when they need the item.
The customer support from Docutek staff is terrific!

Reprinted with permission of the author..

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