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Popup Blockers

Both Docutek ERes and Docutek VRLplus make use of popup windows to display important information to our users. If your computer has a popup blocker installed it might stop our window from opening even though you asked to see the window! Thankfully the better popup blockers have a configuration screen where you can tell the software to allow popup windows from certain websites. If your popup blocker doesnt have this feature you may want to remove it from your computer and switch to one that is more configurable. Another option would be to disable the popup blocker while you are accessing the Docutek ERes or Docutek VRLplus website.

If you arent sure if you have popup blocking software installed you can run a test by visiting

Since there are so many companies making popup blockers these days we cannot provide instructions on how to configure/disable each product. Below we have listed some of the more popular popup blockers, as well as links to their support pages. Locate your blocker in the list below and then follow the link for more information about how to configure the software to work with your Docutek website. If your blocker isnt in the list, or if you find a broken link, please let us know.

FireFox Web Browser
Google Toolbar
Microsoft Windows XP (SP2)
Mozilla Web Browser
Norton Internet Security
Norton Personal Firewall
Panicware Pop-Up Stopper
Safeguard Popup Blocker
Yahoo! Toolbar
Zone Alarm