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Success Stories - University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

In 2001, Docutek began a relationship with several universities in the University of Wisconsin system. The following quotes are from students enrolled in a pilot class at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh.

First Response: The eReserve Experience
Polk Library News, August 2001, Issue 14

Dr. Matthew Birnbaum, Political Science/Public Administration, pioneered eReserve with his students this summer. His students respond:

"I really liked using the e-reserve. It was so quick, and easy. I didn't have to worry about driving to Oshkosh and then copying the required readings. I had no difficulties in downloading either. I hope all instructors will have this option available."

"I thought the reserve readings placed online were great, more convenient and economical than providing them in the bookstore or library."

"...the online reserve readings were incredible. What a resource. It truly made life a lot easier. I would love to see this used more extensively."

"I did not have a single problem with downloading any of the on-line reserve readings. Considering the time it would take for me to go to the library to make copies it is by far and away the most cost and time savings part... I really hope all future MPA classes utilize it extensively because many of us live in distant places, most work full-time jobs (with ocassional travel), and have families which makes the time savings of downloading versus copying at the library very valuable. Thank you."

"The online reserve readings were TREMENDOUSLY helpful--especially for folks like me who live quite a distance from the campus..."

Reprinted with permission of the author, Dr. Matthew Birnbaum.

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