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Docutek ERes is a powerful and easy-to-use Electronic Reserves system. Using Docutek ERes, libraries Web-enable their course reserves and offer their patrons round-the-clock access to reserve material online. With an installed base of over 400 libraries worldwide, Docutek ERes is the standard for electronic course reserve.

The Docutek Advantage
Docutek ERes was designed, and has been continually been upgraded, in close consultation with librarians and instructional technologists at leading universities. The end result is a solution that simplifies students' access to information and empowers librarians and faculty to effectively use the Internet in the educational process. Consider some of the advantages of Docutek ERes...

  • Ease of use - no training or technical knowledge required to use and administer the system.
  • Integration with your OPAC via the MARC record writer.
  • Complete statistics package - enables you to generate reports on system usage.
  • Document level and course-level passwords allow you to control the access to copyright-protected materials.

ERes Add-on Modules

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