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Docutek ERes Technical Specs

Docutek ERes
The only hardware required to run Docutek ERes is a Web server computer running Windows 2000 or 2003 Server and IIS. We recommend dual Pentium III or Xeon processors running at 2ghz or higher, 1GB of memory (preferably DDR), 30GB of SCSI data storage, and some backup medium (tape, hard drive, etc).

To run the DocuFax module you will need to add a fax/modem board to the Web server. Our technical support team will assist you in installing this additional hardware and software.

Hosting option
You can elect to have us host your Docutek ERes system on one of our secure servers. Our hosting machines are located in a professional data-hosting center in Silicon Valley. We take care of system maintenance and data backup. Best of all, the system is still customized for your school and the Website for the system can still be in your Internet domain - so no one will even know that it's not located at your school! Please contact us at to discuss hosting options.

Please contact us to get more information on Docutek ERes or to arrange an onsite demonstration of our system.