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ERes Add-on Modules


New! Blackboard Integration

The Blackboard Integration Module integrates ERes with Blackboard, allowing you to add content to ERes for automatic insertion in Blackboard and import courses and users into ERes from Blackboard.

  • Dynamically update document lists within Blackboard
  • Enjoy the flexibility of connecting directly to the Blackboard server
  • Allow users to access ERes documents in Blackboard
  • Save time by importing courses and users into ERes from Blackboard
  • Link Blackboard from a course to the reserve documents for the courses that are in the ERes system

For more information, contact a sales representative at or 1-800-288-8020



New! Reserve Workflow

With the Reserves Workflow module, instructors can request from the library that materials be placed in reserve for a course. The quick 3-step process is as follows:

  1. Instructors create a materials request that details the work and the course so the copyright fee can be calculated. An electronic copy of the material can be attached to the request for the librarian to review.
  2. The library accepts or denies the request, based upon copyright permissions, fees, availability, and so forth.
  3. When the request is approved, the library creates the document as part of the workflow, and the instructor associates it with the proper course.

Easy-to-use features include:
  • Drag and drop fields from a list to create a form. You can determine the order of fields, sections, and field names.
  • Quickly sort and view the requests that are in different stages of being processed. Sort by any criteria and view only those requests you want to review. When you have found the request you want, you can open it and access the tools you will need to review it.
  • Modify existing forms to customize them to your needs.
  • Instructors can use the Reserve Workflow list to check the status of the request.
  • Let other web services fill out Reserve Workflow forms through OpenURL integration.

For more information, contact a sales representative at or 1-800-288-8020



Communications Module

The Communications module features course-specific, multi-threaded discussions boards and live Internet chat rooms. This module enhances the teaching and learning experience and helps faculty and students harness the full power of the Internet.

Many instructors like to use chat rooms to hold online office hours, while students routinely check in to get help with homework and to hold virtual study sessions before exams. When you purchase the Communications module, you can link your Course Reserves Page to a chat room and discussion board to enhance communication between students and instructors. These features can be enabled or disabled on a course-by-course basis.

  • Chat room: Students and instructors can hold real-time online conversations. Study groups and instructor-led chats are available.
  • Discussion boards: Allows students and instructors to discuss, post questions, post answers and more. Discussions can be exported, printed, or emailed.
  • Each chat room and discussion board is course-specific.

For more information, contact a sales representative at or 1-800-288-8020



Internet Resources Management Module

With the Internet Resources Management module, reference librarians can easily and efficiently compile and manage lists of useful websites organized by academic discipline. No knowledge of HTML or programming is required.

ERes organizes the lists of internet resources by academic department, and links directly to the appropriate list when a course page is displayed. For example, a student viewing a course in the Physics Department will also be presented with a link to the list of Physics Internet resources.

  • Librarians and managers can enter websites into an Internet Resources database.
  • Internet Resources can be searched by name, URL, or description.
  • Search parameters can be modified.
  • Resources can be applied to specific departments or all departments.

For more information, contact a sales representative at or 1-800-288-8020



DocuFax Direct Module

The ERes DocuFax Direct module allows authorized account groups (e.g., faculty, library staff) to convert paper-based materials into electronic format and load these documents into Docutek ERes. A person simply drops a document into any fax machine and sends it directly to Docutek ERes.

DocuFax Direct automatically converts faxed documents to compressed Adobe PDF. Once DocuFax Direct receives the pages, you can view them on the Attached Files tab of any Course Reserves Page.

  • Fax items directly into a document using a cover sheet created on the Attached Files tab of the Course Reserves Page. You can do this either when you create the document or from within the document modify sequence.
  • You can create a cover sheet when you want to fax information that does not already exist in the system as a document.
  • Reuse cover sheets as many times as you like, or generate a new one at any time.
  • Let assistants do the faxing for you, without administrator access. In this case you can generate a cover sheet and then give it to the assistant to include with your materials.
  • Fax items to a shared staging area without the use of a cover sheet. You may want to do this if you find materials that you want to use and you donít have a cover sheet with you. You could also do this if you want to share the items with other faculty members who are creating documents for other courses.

For more information, contact a sales representative at or 1-800-288-8020